Save 33% Over Competing Solutions

With LEAPS, you’ll pay less for more.  If you don’t believe us, ask our customers. Other vendors tell you that more expensive systems are just better.  Of course they think so!  We keep our pricing competitive because of our commitment to the Elder Justice Act funding.  Since 2010, we’ve worked  to provide an affordable, cloud based solution so that better data could be collected to demonstrate the need for full funding.  That’s why we are so knowledgeable about NAMRS data.  We’ve been an advocate and a friend to programs and associations like NAPSA to assist with better data collection.  Data drives dollars.

Programs outside of APS also benefit from our affordable pricing.  How are we able to do it?  As efficiency experts, we have built our own systems for developing affordable, quality solutions delivered with effective and responsive customer service.

Who says more expensive is better?  Other software companies, that’s who.

Customers who have made the switch to LEAPS will tell you that they get overall better value for less.

LEAPS pricing is based on named user license levels. This simplifies procurement and budgeting allowing programs to access additional licenses with flexibility as their program grows.

Programs in the early stages of project planning may contact us for general pricing inquiries. Please contact us for pricing. We will send a simple questionnaire that will allow us to generate a pricing quote within 2 business days.

No RFP?  Really?

LEAPS is generally available for procurement under your state’s NASPO agreement.   In many cases our pricing is within your state’s direct purchase limits.  This is just another way we offer the right solution, in weeks, not years.

LEAPS Software Systems are offered by JUMP Technology Services.

To learn more about our company or to read case studies of our collaborative solutions, please visit us at