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Transforming Ideas into Solutions, Today

Your program requires improved data collection tools and standardization now, not three years from now. How do we implement several months ahead of our competitors? The answer is our proprietary process combined with our expertise in professional project management and software engineering. Mix in phenomenal communication and customer service. Now you know why our customers call us their friends, not just their vendor.

Practical Approach


Cutting Edge


Proven Success

Award Winning, Best in Class

Doing Today, What Other Vendors Are Doing Tomorrow

Comprehensive Data

A comprehensive solution for NAMRS reporting, research projects, and grant projects.  Have a new initiative tomorrow?  It’s easy to add data elements to LEAPS with no additional programming required.

Smart Data Capture

When the interventions and services take place in the field, it seems counter-intuitive to collect all of the data in the office.  Our mobile solution is easy to support and proves that instant data capture leads to better performance.

Unrivaled Service

Our customers will tell you that the LEAPS team provides unrivaled customer support.  It’s one of many reasons our customers have made the switch from competing solutions.

Easy To Use

Our comprehensive solution is easy to use. Our customers tell us every day, “I love LEAPS, it is so user friendly”



Our  Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are hosted in a FedRAMP certified cloud environment.   Learn more about our security compliance.

More Programs Prefer LEAPS

We’ve converted more than 55 programs from other systems in the last 4 years. Our competitors will tell you they have converted hundreds of programs and have more than X% of all programs, but they aren’t telling you the details behind those numbers. Their statistics represent all of their software, not just their social services systems, and they also represent all time. Yet, if you look closely, programs that have been using their platform have switched to LEAPS. There must be a reason.

Working With the Best Customers

We’re fortunate to work with some of the best programs in the United States. Our customers are exceptional leaders and visionaries who tell us every week how much they value our partnership.  They know they can count on us as they apply for grants.  As a matter of fact they frequently migrate multiple systems to our products citing our user friendly technology and exceptional customer service as the primary reasons. Our customers trust us with integrations and the ability to make what seems complicated very easy with our innovative techniques. To learn more about some of our projects read our case studies.

We’re Technology Experts, So You Don’t Have to Be

One of the many benefits experienced by customers who switch to LEAPS is access to our analysts and consultants.  When change in their organizations happen, their CBO managers and analysts don’t have to worry about “what does this mean to our system?”  Our system modules are built for flexibility because regulation and budget opportunities are not static.  Our customers simply submit a few questions through our customer service portal or click on our scheduling calendar to request a meeting to discuss what’s happening.

Our analysts are often able to point customers to existing tools as well as videos and training materials in the JUMP University.  In the rare event that a customization is needed, we move quickly to put a modification in place.

While we believe this is basic customer service, we’re told that this is one of the key reasons customers make the switch to LEAPS.  Learn more about how we can be your partner in your modernization objectives without breaking your budget.

Integrated Solutions for Aging and Adult Services

LEAPS integrates with our other user friendly solutions to provide a secure and connected enterprise.  Our solutions include support for Provider Licensing and Enforcement, Incident and Cross Reporting Portals, NAPIS Reporting, ADRC, AAA Service Delivery, and Advanced Ad Hoc Query Tools.

LEAPS Software Systems are offered by JUMP Technology Services. To learn more about our company or to read case studies of our collaborative solutions, please visit us at www.jumpfaster.com.