LEAPS for California

LEAPS for Adult Protective Services

LEAPS has a version specifically designed for California Counties. Outputs include SOC 242, SOC 341, SOC 342, and SOC 343. LEAPS also includes many out of the box no programming customization tools that allow counties to include preformatted letters and county specific assessment tools.

With the multi-county search tool, counties can locate cases for clients in other counties and improve their chances for locating family members and client history.

Need to cross report to another LEAPS county?  Just click a button and LEAPS will send the intake to the other county.

California counties take advantage of our excellent customer service which enables them to adapt to State requested data and county changes. Counties can also participate in the LEAPS Workgroup and share leverage knowledge transfer from counties with similar program operations. We leverage the information from the County Welfare Directors Association guidelines to ensure that the solution supports California objectives.

The LEAPS team also provides annual training and support on current topics facing the national APS community including data governance and quality assurance to enable proactive leadership at the county level.


For counties using LEAPS for Adult Protective Services, our LEAPS PAGC add on module provides an affordable, secure approach to visibility and transparency in Public Administrator, Public Guardian, Public Conservator programs. Counties with large rep payee caseloads benefit from quick access and look up screens to serve clients who arrive at the office.

Our role based security allows you to restrict access to certain types of information while providing essential visibility when collaboration or coordination is necessary.

With configurations for counties who share workforce with APS, the system provides a single solution for tracking the worker’s entire caseload.

For counties with staff that do not manage APS workloads, our confidential configuration keeps information restricted to only those who require access.

Contact us to view a demonstration and request access to an evaluation version of the system.

LEAPS Software Systems are offered by JUMP Technology Services.

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