Making the Switch

LEAPS for Adult Protective Services

Our flagship product, LEAPS for Adult Protective Services provides case component data for your annual NAMRS report submissions with our Statewide Adult Protective Services Solution.  We’ll even submit your report for you.  Our services include annual check-ins and audits of your list management.  We’ll help you align your staff training to your goals at no additional charge.

When you make the switch to LEAPS for APS, you’ll benefit from best practice tools and a community based set of tools.  Our product team monitors what is happening in the APS community and sponsors new time savings tools.  Other times, one APS customer will include a new feature as part of the onboarding process.  This tool becomes available as a no charge enhancement in the next version for all customers.  Why do we provide these low cost, no cost tools?  Because we are passionate about Adult Protective Services as a mission.

In addition to this community of sharing, we sponsor APS staff through scholarships to the annual NAPSA conference.  LEAPS customers make our contributions to the community possible.

Next steps:

In addition to our LEAPS version for states, we offer a county based solution which serves 49 of the 58 California counties.  Our county based version provides SOC 341, 342, and 242 automation as well as many other features.  Visit our LEAPS for California page to learn more.

LEAPS for Ombudsman

Long Term Care Ombudsmen provide an important service to facility residents.  Although their role is quite different from that of the APS Investigator, their need for a user friendly, modern system, is the same.  With the migration to NORS, our customers found the migration very simple.  They trained their staff, and we flipped the switch to convert to the new complaint codes and activity reporting.   Other products are designed as “reporting systems” which leaves program administration without the statistical reporting they need to know the volume of cases being worked.  While the case information remains confidential, LEAPS provides real time visibility for accountability.   If your program is struggling with an outdated system design you should consider LEAPS as a true information management system.

LEAPS for Legal Services Developer

LEAPS supports states in providing legal assistance programs for older individuals as part of the Older Americans Act Guidance on Legal Services.  With built in tracking for CERA reports, the system works with a variety of intake sources.   The system provides tracking and case management for real time visibility of assistance that secures and maintains the legal rights of older individuals.  Our easy to use screens make it easy for state program staff and attorneys to work collaboratively in assistance to their clients.  With robust reporting and clinic scheduling tools, our customers love our easy to use tools.

LEAPS for Public Guardian

LEAPS allows you to manage all areas of your client’s needs including asset and inventory management, case management, interviews and time spent, as well as financial management and bank reconciliation. Keep track of tasks and court dates, upload documents, manage ACH payments, print checks, enter recurring and one-time payments, distribute quarterly interest, and print court reports using our LEAPS for Public Guardian.

LEAPS for Public Administrator

LEAPS gives you the ability to manage your case information including heir and asset management and case notes.  Distribute heirs checks, scan documents, record inventory, and print court reports using our LEAPS for Public Administrator.

Robust, Easy to Use, and Secure

Our mission to support the needs of programs who serve vulnerable adults continues. All versions of LEAPS leverage the same key design principles:

  • Robust data sets that make it easy to see who entered and altered data
  • Confidentiality settings that restrict access to information according to your policy and procedures
  • Role based screens that make “my work” easy to find and respond

Connected Enterpise

When choosing our systems, human services agencies can achieve a “no wrong door” approach when responding to vulnerable adults.  Our cross reporting portals for  interagency and intra-agency such as FAST Teams are able to efficiently and securely share information when assisting clients.  Multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) can take advantage of our interconnected systems securely without skipping a beat.   Implementation happens as quickly as you can train your team.

LEAPS Software Systems are offered by JUMP Technology Services.

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