LEAPS Automated System for Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services APS Systems

Adult Protective Services elder abuse investigation systemLEAPS online system for Adult Protective Services is available in two versions: our cloud-based system and our enterprise installation.

Cloud-based: Our secure, cloud-based adult protective services database system is available by annual subscription.  Located in the United States, our data center and staff are focused on security and privacy of APS client data. Our solution will meet your data security requirements.

We offer several configuration options for backup and recovery that are designed to meet your security and budget requirements.  Our service level agreement will provide the assurance your program needs.

All updates to the system are tested and reviewed by your team in our testing environment prior to the release.  You'll review and approve every update.

Our enterprise version can be installed in your environment. This solution is often preferred by agencies seeking a statewide adult protective services system. This Microsoft .NET web application runs in IIS 7 or later and utilizes SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.


Adult Protective Services Mobile Solutions

Adult Protective Services Offline Solutions

Mobile Tools

APS Remote is a Microsoft Windows client that allows an APS worker to check out his investigation onto a laptop so that work may be performed without an internet connection.  This is especially important in rural or remote areas where internet connectivity is limited.  Giving the APS worker a tool to capture data in the field improves data quality and worker efficiency.  The worker is then able to check in the case when connected to the network again either by returning to the office or through remote connectivity like VPN.

M.A.P.S. is our new mobile app designed to provide updates to workers in the field.  Learn more about M.A.P.S. here.

Integrated System options

At JUMP Technology Services, we provide multiple cloud based solutions including case management, CRM, and licensing and enforcement.  If you are looking for an integrated suite to track interaction with people across multiple programs, please contact us.  We can provide an efficient, affordable solution with the best customer service experience that you could imagine.