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Adult Protective Services APS Systems

Adult Protective Services elder abuse investigation systemLEAPS online system for Adult Protective Services is available in two versions: our cloud-based system and our enterprise installation.

Cloud-based: Our secure, cloud-based adult protective services database system is available by annual subscription.  Located in the United States, our data center and staff are focused on security and privacy of APS client data. Our solution will meet your data security requirements.

We offer several configuration options for backup and recovery that are designed to meet your security and budget requirements.  Our service level agreement will provide the assurance your program needs.

All updates to the system are tested and reviewed by your team in our testing environment prior to the release.  You'll review and approve every update.

Easy to access: LEAPS works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, and Safari and offers special mobile screens for in-the-field use.  Workers can get navigation to client locations.  Using built-in voice to text technology, workers can record notes and narratives for later editing when they return to a work station.


Adult Protective Services Mobile Solutions

Integrated System options

Need single sign on?

LEAPS is SAML enabled for your SSO technology. 

Have other interface needs?

Our expertise in custom development allows us to leverage technologies with a flexibility that other companies cannot offer.  Contact us to discuss your needs.