LEAPS Automated System for Adult Protective Services

It takes a special group of people to investigate the elder abuse and neglect of our vulnerable adult population.  You save lives.  You make things better. As a program administrator, government officials look to you for effective and consistent implementation of public policy.  Your staff looks to you for easy to use tools that make it simpler to document their complex work without excessive overtime or reducing their time in the field.

But when you and your team are working with outdated or ineffective tools, you're left tracking numbers in spreadsheets and discovering incomplete case documentation.

You may even produce reports for government officials that make you question the accuracy of your information.

Imagine if you can choose a human services technology partner that offered you a flexible system, providing your staff with the tools they need and following a work flow designed specifically for adult protective services investigations.

Imagine being able to answer questions about your program with confidence in the numbers. We can make this solution a reality.

We've helped hundreds of organizations solve system workflow and data governance problems by implementing solutions designed for each role in the organization.

Imagine if all of your stakeholders believed that you implemented a solution just for them.

LEAPS offers NAMRS Case Component Data

LEAPS for Adult Protective Services provides case component data for your NAMRS report submissions at no extra charge.  We will generate your data files for submission to your NAMRS portal.

For programs that are not yet submitting NAMRS data, this means that you will be able to monitor and track key component indicators, now.  

With our systems you'll receive:

  • The prevalence of abuse reported including allegation count & types distribution investigations, substantiations, prior history, and environmental factors.
  • Victim characteristics including demographics functional capabilities, mental health, social supports.
  • Perpetrator characteristics including demographics, functional status, mental health, and familiar and community relationship types.
  • APS Service provision including detailed types of substantiation, interventions, prosecution and convictions counts, caseloads complexity and performance deadlines.

Our innovative, web based elder abuse investigation system is a complete documentation system with mobile check out and mobile app tools. We'd love to talk with you about your needs and schedule a demo at your convenience. Fill out our contact form or call us at 918-624-5867.  We'll answer your questions in a low pressure, informative way.      

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