LEAPS Automated System for Adult Protective Services

If you're a specialist in Adult Protective Services we'd like to thank you for the risks you take, the environments you step into, and the lives you save. Through hard work and persistence, you leverage every resource available to make someone's life better.

But when something goes wrong and your system lacks the documentation to explain what happened you worry about your credibility.  Regardless of your efforts, without supporting documentation, it could be hard to protect your reputation.

So what do you do when your system doesn't quickly capture the details of your actions or the reasons behind them. Your field work takes all of your energy and it seems like the last thing you need is to spend more time behind a desk filling out paperwork.

What if you had an adult protective services database system that organized all of your investigation for a single report into one investigation file but still counted your work by the number of people involved?  Think of how many clicks that could save.

What if duplicate elder abuse reports from the community were merged into one investigation?

LEAPS is strategically designed and organized to capture detailed investigation information while making it easy and flexible for workers to use.  Review our mobile tools designed for field work and you'll know that this is an elder abuse investigation system designed for every role performed in an APS investigation.

  • Ticklers and reminders
  • Emergency and confidential notifications
  • Safety flags
  • Merged reports and linked client histories
  • Mobile apps and check out system

“The hard work that has gone into creating the Automated Protective Services system is evident in the product.”
(APS Specialist III and Automated Protective Services system user)

If you're part of a system search team or have been assigned to collect information about human services software or APS systems, we'd be happy to answer detailed questions you may have. Talking to us about our solutions is easy because we understand the process that organizations like yours must follow in acquiring new human services solutions.  We can schedule a web demo or a live demo depending on our schedule in your area.

No pressure, just help and information that you need.  Fill out our contact form here, call us at 918-624-5867 or click the Live Chat button at the top of the page to get answers to your questions.

Adult Protective Services APS System Demonstration