LEAPS Automated System for Adult Protective Services

As a supervisor for Adult Protective Services you're focused on stopping the elder abuse and neglect of a vulnerable population. You and your team do amazing things, and your accomplishments are your reward. So, when the importance of your program is questioned or when budget shortfalls de-prioritize the people and tools you need to do your job, it distracts you from the most important work that you do every day.

You need a system that easily captures and summarizes the activities involved in APS investigations.  You need a system that makes it clear how much work you and your staff perform; a comprehensive system that is easy to use, easy to monitor, and easy to train.  LEAPS is that system.

Designed with over a hundred hours of input from APS supervisors, this elder abuse investigation system utilizes flexible work flows to capture the complex nature of investigation and field work. You'll deliver reports with confidence, demonstrating your team's excellent performance.

  • Ticklers and reminders
  • Role Based Views
  • Mobile tools
  • Collaboration features

“I am for this program 100%.  I am so, so glad that our office was one of the pilot counties”
(APS Specialist IV and Automated Protective Services system user.)

If you're part of a system search team or have been assigned to collect information about human services software or APS systems, we'd be happy to answer detailed questions you may have. Talking to us about our solutions is easy because we understand the process that organizations like yours must follow in acquiring new human services solutions.  We can schedule a web demo or a live demo depending on our schedule in your area.

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Adult Protective Services APS system demonstration