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Imagine if you could choose a human services technology partner that offered you a flexible system that provided your staff with the tools they need for their specific job function. Imagine if all of your stakeholders believed that you implemented a solution just for them.


A Practical Formula for Proven Success

If you’re ready to track outcomes early with confidence in your numbers, we can make it happen. With more than 2,000 users of our LEAPS System, you can see that agencies have realized that LEAPS allows them to better target their resources. As stewards of public dollars, human services agencies are recognizing that top dollar solutions do not meet their needs more than LEAPS. In fact, we’ve converted many programs from their current solutions to LEAPS.

Continual Innovation

Putting First Things First

When the interventions and services take place in the field, it seems counter intuitive to collect all of the data in the office. With LEAPS mobile screens, field staff can capture data in the field and submit it directly into the system for increased efficiency and accuracy.
No special installations and apps required. With a simple tap, staff can launch Google Maps for navigation to the client address. Field staff love capturing narratives and documents from their mobile devices.

Consultants Who Turn Ideas Into Solutions

Always Listening to Understand

Our customers will tell you that the LEAPS team is always available to learn new challenges facing our customers. Because regulation, legislation, and budget opportunities are not static, we don’t believe the system features should be static either.

As more organizations are ready to turn to modern, digital solutions to take advantage of efficiency and transparency, it makes sense to work with systems analysts and engineers who know how to leverage current technologies to support your modernization objectives without breaking the budget.

What Can LEAPS Do?

LEAPS features are defined in a 139 page user manual. While it is very easy to use, LEAPS is a comprehensive enterprise solution with many features. Plus, our continual technology innovation cycles mean that the best way to learn about LEAPS is to request a 60 to 90 minute web demonstration by visiting our contact form.